wow im getting really emotional about how happy i looked and how cute i looked in my photos from photobooth

(photos under cut)

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doin cool hipster things at a local brewery

I guess it’s an OOTD but look how fuckin cute my bow is

What to do with giant, oversized bag?
Give it a giant, oversized bow

ayyyyyyyy I’m a loser and didn’t even leave the house today

selfie of me listenin 2 my music

This was my accidental selfie

hello tumblr dot com

late night blohhin w giraffrika

sjoutout to erruwone and ggame grumps

and these nutter butter ghsts

Ryan was feelin self conscious about the first follow up pic
So here you go followers

selfies w me in em

sorry everyone this is the most important selfie bc we told the birthday prince that we would be there at 4 but i needed starbucks and didn’t get there until 4:15

so we arrived 15 minutes late with starbucks

Reasons why you don’t want to be my friend

what is even this print

The progression of my hair coming down from the ponytail stage

laughing alone with deviled egg filling