had some very poof hair tonight

Got bored and took photos in my bedroom and not my bathroom since someone is staying in our living room for a night or two

My new college place! :0 ♡ both my roommates are cool (one likes anime and K-Pop, but the other left before we could really get to know each other, but she seemed awesome!)
I also have a great view from my room (best of my knowledge, the dirt is going to be grass once it grows)
I’ll post more photos once I move back in on the 30th

50s murderous housewife look for the 21st bday

Ryan refused to let me take any photos before we got into the car so there’s that

I should probably share what my face was like with the uniform of the great avian race

uniform of the master race

a tsa guy at the airport asked me if I went to comic con because I had a sailor moon vibe going on

goin to anime school

car time sadness

I got my big amiami order today


also dudes there I am as Naomi ;v; <3

*my face without a :/ face

Night of the unusual hair poof

wrote a letter to Danny :0 I just need to get the gift I ordered for him, then I’ll send it out